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    Exorcise The Demon is a cooperative and asymmetric game. Lost in a mysterious void, you will play as an exorcist fighting powerful demons. Your goal is simple : invoke them, and ban them!


    To do so, you will require the indications from your friends. They own the Book Of Rituals, an elder grimoire containing powerful demonic rituals.


    Together, you will have to collaborate in order to annihilate the demons..

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    Smite them all!

    Smite them all!




    • Cooperation-based original gameplay
    • Only one game copy is required to play with friends
    • Fully narrated Story mode with 25 levels
    • Free-Game mode where every round is procedurally generated
    • 7 types of rituals, with unlimited variations
    • High-res, photo-realistic graphics
    • VR support (Kickstarter Stretch Goals!)
    • Every error can destroy the strongest friendship!

    Procedurally generated rituals

    Smite them all!

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